FemmeEye Film Festival

Fortune Cookie

Motion Design

"Celebrate, enlighten and educate"

A ficticious promotional introduction sequence for FemmeEye Film Festival. 

FemmeEyes Film Festival devoted to celebrate women working in film industry. The visual brand adopted the concept of "watching through eyes and perspectives" with neutral aesthetic to welcome female of all identities. The fluid visual contrasts to retro texture and typography treatments, meaning to bolden female power and advocate for changes in filmmaking.


Ideation, Visualization, Animation


Motion Design


October 2018
(1 Week)

Selected Works

Design Offsite FestivalBrand Identity Re-design

Fortune CookieEditorial Design

I Can’t Sit Sadly by Your SideEditorial Design, Typography

Nature Pocket GuideEditorial Design

FemmeEye Film FestivalMotion Design

Data KnowsMotion Editorial

ZēnoDigital Poduct Design

YSDN ToolboxWeb System