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My name is Zhen. I'm a designer enjoying making stuff.

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data knows tn

Art/Creative Direction, Motion Design, Editorial

๏ปฟData Knows โ€“ 

Data knows you better than you know yourself.

Racial Quotas are Weird-thumbnail

Motion Design

"Racial Quotas are Weird" โ€“ 

Kinetic typography of "Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj"


Editorial Design, Typography

I Canโ€™t Sit Sadly by Your Side โ€“ 

Emotional collection of references to sad love song lyrics. 

Femme Eyes-snapshot-3

Motion Design, Branding

FemmeEye โ€“ 

Bolden female power & advocate for changes in filmmaking.


Communication Design, Branding

Design Offsite Festival โ€“ 

What can shapes create?


UI/UX System Design

Toolbox โ€“ 

Creating an intuitive equipment manage system.


Editorial Design, Branding

Fortune Cookie โ€“ 

A Contemporary Chinese Art + Culture Magazine.


Editorial Design

Nature Pocket Guide โ€“ 

A pocket guide exploring the nature of Toronto Islands.

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